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Website's resources assist with patient’s decision-making process

The alliance is comprised of hospitals, long term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health organizations and others who together, in addition to providing critical needed healthcare to community members, provide nearly twenty percent of all jobs in our region.

These healthcare organizations have come together in an ongoing network to tackle the most pressing healthcare issues of this region, including workforce issues, networking opportunities, and pressing policy topics that warrant a collective action.

Several members of the Northeast Louisiana Healthcare Alliance joined forces to form the Post-Acute Care Resources Committee. The purpose of the Post-Acute Care Resources Committee is to facilitate efforts of case managers, social workers, patients and families as they navigate post-acute care needs.

Many factors are involved when choosing appropriate post-acute care placement. Location, services provided, insurances accepted are all factors to consider. The website created by the Northeast Louisiana Healthcare Alliance,, was established through the hard work of alliance members to provide a means to information that is essential for making the appropriate post-acute care choice.

With the click of a button, case managers can access area healthcare facilities as well as services offered, allowing patients to find the post-acute care facility that best fits their needs. While this does not take the place of a patient’s freedom of choice; the FOC form and website capabilities form work hand in hand to provide patients and family members with everything they need to make an appropriate decision for their future.

If utilized, the website can be a tool through which facilities can showcase their homes, aiding in the patient’s decision-making process.

Northeast Louisiana facilities are listed individually under the resources tab with information such as address, website and care capabilities included. The post-acute capabilities map directs patients to facilities in their area of choice, helping them to find placement close to home.

The post-acute capabilities spreadsheet shows patients, at the click of a button, the level of care offered amongst facilities with which they are considering placement. Having the knowledge of which skills are provided and where, is instrumental in the patient’s ability to decide with whom they should seek placement.

Capabilities such as IV antibiotic administration, tracheostomy care, wound care, dialysis transport and more are listed on to make the process of finding placement as simple as possible for healthcare workers and patients alike.

If you have questions about the newly released website,, or about the use of the Resources tab, please contact the Post-Acute Care Resources committee host, Katie P McCarty, Workforce Development Board-83, Inc. Program Director, at 318-387-7962 ext. 244 or

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