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Doctor and Patient

STEERING COMMITTEE: Ongoing leadership and guidance to the Partnership’s committees, including helping to guide the development of measurable goals/metrics for each committee. Set cadence for Full Partnership meetings (no more, no less than Quarterly). Help build membership and participation.

EDUCATION & TRAINING CRITICAL OCCUPATIONS COMMITTEE: Identify and prioritize critical occupational shortages regionally and sub-regionally, inventory existing education/training programs and gaps, identify/track ways to fill the gaps.

POST-ACUTE CARE RESOURCES COMMITTEE:  Addressing the needs of our facilities to develop a resource for staff to use to know which next-level-care facilities provided which post-acute care capabilities.  This would allow staff and families to make an informed decision about the care of their patients when that time comes to discharge from your facility. Read more about the Post-Acute Care Resources here: 

POLICY & REGULATORY COMMITTEE: Articulate the problem points with existing regulations that prevent healthcare organizations from hiring or retaining good employees, i.e. from providing jobs to residents; 2) Cultivate local policy and state legislative advocates for change; 3) Partner with local policy makers and state legislators for specific changes to regulations.


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