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About Us

The NELA Healthcare Alliance represents nearly forty diverse healthcare organizations in Northeast Louisiana. The alliance is comprised of hospitals, long term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, home health organizations and others who together, in addition to providing critical needed healthcare to community members, provide nearly twenty percent of all jobs in our region. These healthcare organizations have come together in an ongoing network (The Northeast Louisiana Healthcare Alliance) to tackle the most pressing healthcare issues of this region together, including workforce issues, networking opportunities, and pressing policy topics that warrant a collective action. 

OUR VISION: To be a collaborative of healthcare service organizations in Northeast Louisiana that consistently offer comprehensive, high-quality patient care, entrusted by our community and by policy makers to make good decisions on behalf of our patients, and looked to as a forward-thinking point of influence on industry policy and practice issues.

Partnership  Purpose

  • To jointly create an agenda that supports the stability and growth of the healthcare industry, and a healthier community, in northeast Louisiana.

  • To commit to coordinated action and implementation of shared, high priority areas by public and private sector partners.

  • To create a forum for consistent, high quality connections, networking, information and idea sharing.

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